You thanked me for using your beat, how do I owe you? -Stonebwoy to ‘Mane Me’ producer


Stonebwoy has lashed out at the producer of his hit song ‘Mane Me’ for accusing him of not paying for the song.

An unamused Stonebwoy says he could not fathom why he will be accused of not paying for the song when the producer, Vacs, thanked him for making the song popular.

“I didn’t come to your studio to take any beats from you. You have Instagram (messaged) me thanking me for even voicing on your rhythm, thanking me for putting it on my album and making it a big song so how then does it become all of a sudden I owe you…some people [are]saying he was going to drag me to court,” the dancehall act told Andy Dosty in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM.

Vacs in October, said attempts to get some appreciation from Stonebwoy and his management have proven futile.

Later, he alleged that Stonebwoy had unfollowed him on social media after failing to pay him for the song.

“I produced hit record for you; one of the biggest songs on the album. Pay me [rather you]go unfollow me lol…Gh Producers we for change this… We need to eat too because we do [did]about 70% of the magic,” he said.

Reacting further to the allegations, Stonebwoy said, “you can’t get me down by this…it doesn’t work. Let’s just leave it but it’s not the best way to go about things if you feel like you demand something from me…because I don’t even know you, I have not even seen you in person yet.

“It’s detrimental to them more than me,” the award-winning dancehall act said and urged that the issue must be approached with caution.

The ‘Baafira’ hitmaker believed that Vacs can leverage from him using the beat because he [the producer]even has it on his Instagram that he has produced a song for Stonebwoy.

Clearing his name further, the dancehall act noted that he is not the kind of person who “loves to take advantage of people” and explained, it was his social media manager who unfollowed the producer on social media.

“If I unfollow you, how does it hurt you? “If you demand anything, you should come well,” he added.

When Andy Dosty sought to find out how Stonebwoy got the song, he said a different person gave him the song. He added that Mix Master Garzy, who produced his Epistles OF Mama Full Album (EOM), reached out to everyone who contributed to the album.

“God knows I don’t owe you,” he stressed and said he suspects that someone is pushing the Vacs to come at him.

Asked if he reached out to Vacs to resolve the issue, Stonebwoy said, “when things get out of line like this, you now expect me to come and sit with you?… After you’ve caused the damage you come sit down now and vibe…you go out there talking when you haven’t spoken to me yet.”


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