Man Busted For Forging His Wife’s Signature & Divorced Her Without Her Knowledge


A Texas man who wanted to divorce his wife has been nabbed for making the wrong move regarding his divorce.

Instead of going through the normal divorce proceedings, he forged his wife’s signature on paperwork and ended their union without her knowledge.

Reports revealed that the man identified as Paul Nixon submitted forged documents and false information to a Houston district court.

He was also reported to have committed perjury when testifying in court during a divorce hearing. The divorce has been tabled due to the perjury and fraudulent documents.

Police indicated that they started the investigation after Mrs. Nixon informed officials of the divorce that occurred without her knowledge.

Harris County Constable Mark Herman who addressed reporters stated that a search for Mr. Nixon is underway as he is now wanted for aggravated perjury.

“We have teams out looking for him right now, I can tell you,” he told the station. “And we have an idea where he’s at. So hopefully, he’ll turn himself in. If not, we’ll catch him. Just a matter of time,” a police officer said.



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